Coaching dag (Thursday May 18th)

Last year for the first time now again on the program WET coaching day, with this we will give the participants extra motivation to reach the goals and stick that new trick.

What does the coaching day look like?
The participants are divided into three groups of equivalent level:

  • Beginners (participants with a feeling for board sports, who go for wakeboard boat)
  • Intermediate (wakeboarders who want to land just that extra trick)
  • Pro (stick the additional mobe in the competition)

Per group there is room for 3-5 participants, per group there is joint training under professional guidance, we will take the extra step together.

Per participant there will be place for at least 2 sessions of 15-20 minutes behind a professional wakeboard boat, by being able to do several sessions you can really take the extra step. Because you train together with other participants of an equivalent level, you will also learn a lot from this.

Training off the water is just as important as on the water, during the coaching day we will continue working on this in groups, everyone who does 1 session on Thursday will receive an additional speed date and a session of sport-specific training.

Speed ​​dating sports psychologist
Presentation and survey by sports psychologist, followed by personal advice (speed dating) provided by sports psychologist mr. Ad Vos

Sport-specific training
Sport-specific training for wakeboarding under the guidance of Joost Hopmans (pro windsurf trainer)

The coaching day is at the WET competition location, so you can already explore the location and the big wake so that you already have an advantage for the WET competition on Friday and the lowlands tour on Saturday.

9:00 Registration / Theory
9:30-10:30 group 1 session 1
11:00-12:00 group 2 session 1
12:30-13:30 group 3 session 1
14:00-15:00 group 1 session 2
15:30-16:30 group 2 session 2
17:00-18:00 group 3 session 2

Partly thanks to our sponsors, we can offer these coaching sessions at a reduced rate of 50 euros per person.

WET wants to grow the sport together with you and take it to a higher level, you participate! Make it a nice long weekend and stay on the other WET days.

WET Wakeboard & wakesurf contest (Friday May 19th)

Bring Your Own Boat!! Afterparty on the water!

Competition rules: 1 run consisting of 3 tricks maximum; behind your own boat. Judging by the other riders in the other boats on the lake. Best 3 riders get a final run. No LCQ. Winner takes it all.

Wakesurf The WET wakesurf competition, this competition is on the WET Friday 19 May. Bring your own boat is the slogan for the WET Friday, so also for the WET wakesurf competition.

The jury comes with 2 people on board your run will be filmed by the jury, we will post these videos on our facebook site. The winner will be determined by the facebook traffic and the WET jury. The winner will crowned on Saturday during the award ceremony.

Pay attention to no qualifications, LCQ or finals, so you have to show your best run immediately!  The sponsors of WET have an incredible amount of great prizes available for the WET wakesurf contest, so it is definitely worth it! We have multiple prices so Bring your boat and let’s surf!

Length of run: 1 run approximately 250 meters (to be determined by the WET jury)
Jury criteria:  50% facebook & 50% WET jury (Style &Risk!)
Fall: No fall allowed / in case of a fall end of the run.

Time table UPDATE!
12:00 Skippersmeeting
13:00 Wakeboard Wet contest 3 tricks
15:00 Surfcompetition
18:00 Boat party

Lowlandstour & Enduro (Saturday May 20th)

We are very pleased to release news about WET 2023, we are going for it again this year. Come and enjoy the delicious beats, drinks and food in a beach atmosphere and watch the action on and around the water. Lowlands wakeboard tour stop Enduro contest and other action sports. Completely new this year a gravel bike tour!

  • Wakeboard lowlands waketour
  • Enduro contest
  • 1.0  kicker&slider contest
  • Several spectacular demos
  • Skateboarding – Best Trick Mini Ramp Contest
  • BMX
  • Gravel bike tour
  • Action sports / Water sports / Friends / After Party / Food / Drinks

Wakeboard lowlands tour stop

3 categories:
Limited (up to 5 inverts or 5 spins)
Pro Ladies
Pro Man

Time table
9:00 – 9:30 Registration
9.30 – 16.00 Competition
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Finals
19:00 – 19:30 Price giving19:30 – 0:00 Food, drinks & music

Enduro contest
We are building a spectacular enduro course, participants will have to conquer obstacles with the enduro motorcycle. The combination of speed and action makes this part very popular too the public. We build an official KNMV course with the accompanying rules, which is why an Enduro motorcycle with registration is required.

Time table:
13:00 Registration
14:00 Training|
15:30 Manch 1
17:00 Manch 2

Gravel bike tour
Completely new this year is the gravel bike tour, gravel cycling has the perfect fit with the WET action sports event. The unique location of the Braakman with its surroundings is fantastic for this sport, we look for the most beautiful gravel and cobblestone sections here and let the participants enjoy the  nature in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

This tour will be organized in collaboration with the specialist in the region for bike fitting and custom bicycles; KOPWERK from Sas van Gent. The length is approximately 60 km, there is no extra care along the way, so make sure you have enough food and drink for the road. With this tour we follow the publicly accessible paths / roads, pay attention to applicable traffic rules.

Time table:
9.00-13.00 Register / and start tour
15.00 End of tour

downloard the roadmap Garmin  or Komoot

Skateboarding – Best Trick Mini Ramp Contest
This year we are also adding Skateboarding to the festival WET!!!
Saturday, May 20, there will be a mini ramp on the terrain that every skateboarder can use (you can train from Friday evening).

On Saturday there will be a real spectacle with Skateboard demonstrations and several Best Trick competitions with no less than € 500 prize money and many goodies! In addition, there will be 3 big day winners in the categories below:

  • Kids (up to 15 years)
  • 16+ (from 16 years)
  • Veterans (just a little older or a little balding)

You can register on the spot, but register in advance via our website so that we have an idea of who will participate. Contest will start from 13:00. Participation is free this year

Furthermore, Bram van Halteren (@bolletje) and Amy Kolmus (@amy_djsinglelicious) will dress up this day with great vinyl music and lots of enthusiasm, in short you can’t miss this!

The mini rampBroken Banana Ramps will build a mini ramp of 610cm wide and 90cm high and of course with an increase to 120cm. In addition, there are some nice street obstacles and you can practice enough on your best tricks so that you can win that 500 euro.

Yes you can, the event is on a campsite. Take a look at information on this website for all information about the possibilities. Come with a tent, camper or caravan and celebrate the festival with us.

Time table:
Demos and competitions will take place throughout the day.
09.00 Starting
11.00 – 18.00 main program
19:00 – 19:30 Price giving
19:30 – 0:00 Food, drinks & music